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We train vulnerable children in coding and robotics.

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The Mission



$4,000 would fund 10 students’ coding & robotics education for a year
$400 would fund 1 student's coding & robotics education for a year
$150 would fund 1 student through an internship (for bus and lunch money)
$44 would fund a new Arduino robotics starter kit
$31 would fund 1 student’s coding & robotics education for a month

GBP donations:

Please donate to CodeBrave Foundation UK, CodeBrave Lebanon's grant-making partner via PayPal or debit/credit card below.

USD donations:

One-off or recurring donations to CodeBrave in US Dollars can be received via Tying Vines, an IRS approved 501(c)(3) exempt organization.

Federal Tax ID# 45-0647869


The wasted potential of a generation

Lebanon is struggling to deal with the effects of the Syrian conflict next door. One in four people in Lebanon is a refugee.

Impact of

Syrian conflict

The crisis has put pressure on the job market. In Lebanon, unemployment is at 15-25%, with a million young people out of work.

Pressure on

job market

Labour laws mean refugees are restricted to jobs that are often dangerous, low-paid and exploitative.

Work restrictions

for refugees

Former street youth and refugee children have missed critical years of education, and often lack the skills to get decent jobs.

Years of missed



A growing sector not bound by geography

And yet, the Middle East has growing demand for tech skills. Lebanon’s ICT sector is growing at 8% annually.

Growing tech


Yet this demand is not being met by national curricula and multiple reports show companies cannot find the digital talent they need.


education system

Plus, digital skills unlock the online remote job market, allowing refugees to get around legal restrictions.

Access to online

digital work 

Those with these in-demand skills will be paid well. Wages for digital jobs in the Middle East are ~30% above average (McKinsey).

In-demand and


The Team

Sophie Rimington-Pounder 
Strategy & Content Manager
Pro Bono

Tatiana Woodhouse
Grants Manager
Pro Bono

Hani Janzi
Code Club Monitor

Joe Norman
Pro Bono

Steven Wilbur 
Co-Founder & Director
Pro Bono

Clementine Brown
Co-Founder & Director
Pro Bono

Rana Dimashkieh

Lead Coding Trainer

Razan Ali Hussein
Lead Robotics Trainer


Yarah Moussawi 
Digital Skills Trainer

Nourhan Mrad

Robotics Trainer

Advisors & Mentors

Mariam Haidar
ECA TechWoman and Edutek Co-Founder

Alaa Salam
CodeBrave's Robotics Advisor

Tarek Hawasli
Edutek Co-Founder

Hortense Decaux
Codi Founder


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CodeBrave's UN Sustainable Development Goals

Get Involved

To get involved with any of the above opportunities, please contact


We are looking for mentors with professional experience in IT, software engineering or mechatronics to support individual students in their studies. 

Mentorship positions start from a minimum of just one hour for one student per fortnight for a minimum of six months.


Our oldest students completed an electronic installation for a Beirut music venue involving RaspberryPi, Python, LEDs and carpentry.


We are seeking volunteers to assist in further exciting projects. This will involve assisting workshops to design and build robotic or electronic projects.


CodeBrave is working with Lebanese companies to provide students with real work experience. If your company would benefit from a dedicated young intern, get in touch.


We are also looking for companies interested in commissioning CodeBrave's students for web development or robotics projects.