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We train vulnerable children in coding and robotics.

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The Mission



CodeBrave's first crowdfunding campaign is currently live! 
We are raising £20,000 (roughly $26,000) to fund the tech education of 60 students for the next year. 
Donate before 20 March 2020 to help us give vulnerable children an alternative to exploitative work through tech education.
$4,000 would fund 10 students’ coding & robotics education for a year
$400 would fund 1 student's coding & robotics education for a year
$150 would fund 1 student through an internship (for bus and lunch money)
$40 would fund a new Arduino robotics starter kit
$33 would fund 1 student’s coding & robotics education for a month


The wasted potential of a generation

Impact of

Syrian conflict

Lebanon is struggling to deal with the effects of the Syrian conflict next door. One in four people in Lebanon is a refugee.

Pressure on

job market

The crisis has put pressure on the job market. In Lebanon, unemployment is at 15-25%, with a million young people out of work.

Work restrictions

for refugees

Labour laws mean refugees are restricted to jobs that are often dangerous, low-paid and exploitative.

Years of missed


Former street youth and refugee children have missed critical years of education, and often lack the skills to get decent jobs.


A growing sector not bound by geography

Growing tech


And yet, the Middle East has growing demand for tech skills. Lebanon’s ICT sector is growing at 8% annually.


education system

Yet this demand is not being met by national curricula and multiple reports show companies cannot find the digital talent they need.

Access to online

digital work 

Plus, digital skills unlock the online remote job market, allowing refugees to get around legal restrictions.

In-demand and


Those with these in-demand skills will be paid well. Wages for digital jobs in the Middle East are ~30% above average (McKinsey).



Clementine Brown

Co-Founder & Director

Prior to founding CodeBrave, Clementine was a data analyst including for the UN. She has a M.A. in Arabic & Islamic Studies from Oxford University.

Steven Wilbur

Co-Founder & Director

Steven is a former teacher and an expert in child psychology with eight years experience and degrees in Educational Psychology (Washington) and Math (N. Texas).

Rana Dimashkieh

Lead Coding Training

Rana has 6 years experience teaching programming and a Masters in Educational Technology. She is the author of a book on HTML/CSS for KS3+.

Razan Ali Hussein

Lead Robotics Trainer

Razan teaches coding through interactive craft-based robotics. She is full-stack web developer by training, with a degree from LIU.

Sophie Rimington-Pounder

Strategy and Content Manager

Sophie is a Software Engineer with experience in AI and degrees in Physics (Oxford) & Middle Eastern Studies (Lund).

Tatiana Woodhouse

Grants Manager

Tatiana has a background in teaching and Child Protection, with degrees from Oxford (History) and Sciences-Po (Human Rights).

Hani Janzi

CodeClub Monitor

Hani is a self-taught full stack web developer. He has taught kids of all ages from Scratch to Web Development. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Physics at Beirut Arab University (BAU).

Joseph Norman

Communications Lead

Joseph has two years experience as an Account Manager at M&C Saatchi in London, and a degree in Arabic & Philosophy (Durham).

Nourhan Mrad

Robotics Trainer

Nourhan has trained youth in Robotics for three years experience and has a degree in Computer Science from LIU.

Alaa Salam

Robotics Advisor

Alaa runs Lamba Labs, a local makerspace/hackerspace that promotes STEAM education, as well as running her own biomedical engineering company, Instrumed Global.

Advisory Board

Mounir Mouawad

Advisory Board Member

Mounir Mouawad heads up product strategy and operations for Google Pay in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Prior to that he managed some of Google’s largest e-commerce clients in Europe, and spent three years in marketing and buying at Amazon. Mounir holds a computer engineering degree from the American University of Beirut and an MBA from the London Business School.

Fadi Bizri

Advisory Board Member

Fadi co-founded and co-leads SE Factory, a leading skills-training-for-jobs academy in Lebanon. SEF provides intensive coding bootcamps for low-income youth, helping them train on the necessary practical programming skills as well as soft skills that are required by the job market. Fadi is also a Partner at B&Y Venture Partners, a $46M venture capital fund based in Beirut, investing in high-potential technology startups, with a global mandate. Fadi co-founded and managed two of Lebanon's first tech accelerators and has over 11 years experience in entrepreneurship ecosystems. Fadi is a mentor and board member at a number of startups and regularly advises on innovation policy.

Sandy Fahed

Advisory Board Member

Sandy has extensive experience in strategic and innovation management, entrepreneurship, and partnership building in MENA and internationally. Over the past 6 years, she has contributed to numerous non-profit, social innovation and youth-led community initiatives and worked for international organizations including Teach For Lebanon and USAID. More recently, she has been involved in diverse projects including empowering women through entrepreneurial activities with LLWB in Lebanon and establishing a social innovation hub in Qatar with ESCWA. She currently works for Beyond Reform and Development/Irada Group (BRDI).



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CodeBrave's UN Sustainable Development Goals

Get Involved

To get involved with CodeBrave, please contact


We are looking for mentors with professional experience in IT, software engineering or mechatronics to support individual students in their studies. 

Mentorship positions start from a minimum of just one hour for one student per fortnight for a minimum of six months.


We are seeking volunteers with backgrounds in coding and robotics to assist in mechatronics projects or provide mentorship to our older students undertaking internships.

Volunteer positions start from once per week and can be arranged based on the volunteer and student's availability.


CodeBrave is working with Lebanese companies to provide students with real work experience. If your company would benefit from a dedicated young intern, get in touch.


We are also looking for companies interested in commissioning CodeBrave's students for web development or robotics projects.